BLACK CAT NINE exploded onto the European Hard Rock scene in 1999 and was active until 2005.  In 2007 Roy formed the band Fever Jack and played with the band until 2010.  Teddy also played in Fever Jack for a year.  In November of 2010, original members Roy Reynolds on vocals/bass and Teddy Freese on drums decided to put Black Cat Nine back together after a 5 year break, starting a new era of their Hard Rock vision. Andrea "Spazza" Rigoni and Mauro Poli then joined on guitar.  

Slithering out of the gutters of Vicenza, Italy, these incredibly talented musicians are determined to revolutionize the fading genre of Punkified Hard Rock. These guys together to create a monster line-up bursting at the seams with Punky Hard Rock anthems. The band makes no apologies for their own original take on revitalizing and evolving the great sounds of ROCK. They revel in it and are determined to shove it down the throats of every critic who dares to argue. Citing influences such as:  Sex Pistols, Motorhead and Motley Crue, among others; Black Cat Nine has not only embraced and absorbed the raging attitude yet melodic sound and image; they've made it a way of life. They play what they feel and you can hear it in the music. Their live shows explode with blistering guitar solos and screaming guitars, thumping bass, thunderous drums, and powerhouse vocals. They've thrilled audiences in and around Europe, for several years, including headlining Born to Be Wild's Wild Life Run on 5 occasions with weekend attendances of over 25,000 people, all the while paying their dues in every respectable and dive bar in Italy, Germany and Austria. Black Cat Nine is raw, energetic and most importantly, a slammin’ new take on the Hard Rock genre. This band exhibits the excitement and energy lacking in many bands currently recording and touring today. The band is carving out its place among a wide demographic through extensive touring, heavy merchandise sales and great group of fans. They bring an aggressive sound, layered with refreshing and melodic hooks. With standout tracks like "The Good Life," and "Summertime", the music of Black Cat Nine appeals to Punk, Hard Rock and Metal fans and non-metal fans alike. Black Cat Nine is destined to be a major part in the Rock landscape for years to come.


Black Cat Nine - "Born to Rock" 2018

Black Cat Nine - "Rock n Roll Badass" 2014
Black Cat Nine - "Supernatural Disasters" 2011
Black Cat Nine - “King of the Hill” 2004
Black Cat Nine - “Genuine Worldshakers” 2003
Black Cat Nine - “Cathouse” 2001
Black Cat Nine - “Rock N’ Roll Kid” 1999


….all about shameless excess and the reckless wielding of volume and power, a single-minded pursuit of the ultimate Bad Ass Rock and Roll record. It is a great pleasure to see these American/Italian sleazehounds rise from freakshow flash metal oddities to the arena rocking monsters they are here. (Sleazegrinder Zine, Boston, MA, USA)

Spacca il culo!!! They Kick Ass!!! (Slam Zine, Milan, Italy)

Powerful, direct…a solid punch in the face sound of harsh and sharp energy!! (, Italy)